Terry Reddinger

Terry is the lead of neural training at True Motion.
Terry Reddinger
Neural Performance Coach
Neural Performance Coach
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Terry has been involved in athletics and exercise for almost 15 years as a high level wrestler and U.S marine completing some of the world’s most physically demanding programs. Since he started his training career 7 years ago he continues above and beyond the norm to learn about what really controls the human body which is your brain. As a regular trainer for the first 3 years of his career he knew there was more to training through the lens of the nervous system. This is when he found Z-Health Performance Solutions which is an educational company that uses the latest research in neuroscience. Z-health’s mission is to educate as many trainers possible using this brain-based approach to make the top 1% in their field.

Since Terry has been able to harness this amazing information he has been able to help people get out of pain, improve their desired body composition, and take athletes to the next level of performance. On first meeting Terry will perform a thorough physical and neural assessment to see where the root causes of your problems may be. From then your personal program will be created to help you reach your goals, take back control of your fitness or take your athletic performance to the next level.



  • Z-Health Master Trainer Program ( 1year )
  • Z-Health R-Phase – Joint Re-Education, Restoration, Rehabilitation
  • Z-Health I – Phase – Movement Integration, Vision, Vestibular, Proprioception
  • Z-Health S – Phase – Sport Movement Fundamentals
  • Z-Health T Phase – Neural Threat Modulation
  • Z-Health Structure – Brain Application, Functionality
  • Paul Chek – Golf Biomechanics

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