Os Aponte

Os Aponte
Neural Performance Coach

Os Aponte has been a highly regarded and successful personal trainer in San Diego since 2005. He began by working at Results Fitness and Urban Body, bringing clients through various programs to fit their needs; including body weight, strength and conditioning training, and conventional training. In 2008, Os gained his RKC certification (Russian Kettle bell Certified) in Kettle bell training and began integrating this rigorous and effective training method at Iron Core. He went on to gain his CK-FMS (Certified Kettle bell – Functional Movement Specialist) in 200?, Z-Health R-phase (Rehabilitation, Restoration, and Re-education) in 2009 and Z-Health I-phase (Integration: Vision, Vestibular, and Proprioception) in 2009. By integrating these modalities into his training, Os began seeing dynamic results in his clients, including increased strength, flexibility, less injuries, and healthier movement patterns. Recently, Os got certified as a Strong First Kettle bell instructor.

Os has over 20 years of successful, personal training experience in San Diego, but his foundation of physical training and teaching didn’t start here. Having practiced martial arts from the age of 12, Os opened his own martial arts school in Puerto Rico at the age of 16, serving over 120 students weekly. He kept the school running for three, successful years. Os joined the U.S. Army in 1997 and took on the physical training duties for his unit, motivating and training soldiers. After Os left the military in 2004, it was a natural fit to continue in the path of physical training, since he is a natural leader and dedicated to the cultivation of the physical body. Os believes the benefits of physical training go far beyond external body composition; including better movement, increased energy, fewer injuries, more confidence, better mental health, internal physical health (heart, lungs, digestive system, etc.), and much, much more.

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