The 12 Week Yoga Challenge at True Motion

The 12 Week Yoga Challenge at True Motion

What makes this challenge unique is that we utilize a strategy for long term results, not a quick fix. We want to make a lasting change in your life, which is something most challenges or workout programs don’t focus on enough.

Most workout programs currently run on one speed, and that is the ultra-high intensity every class. Most people are drawn to this style, because they see a quick result, but this is also where the problem lies in making a permanent change.

Let’s take CrossFit for example. It’s not completely terrible, but it’s only applicable to the experienced athlete. The reason the experienced athlete can handle it is because they usually have a background in sports or something of that nature. These athletes have years of training under their belt, and have the development that is required to meet the physical demands of CrossFit. Unfortunately, not everyone is an athlete and the average fitness person sees these people doing amazing things and therefore they want to emulate those people through those types of workouts. The motivation in these programs is great, but can lead people into trying things that they are completely unprepared for.

The intensity is so high in CrossFit that eventually the people doing these workouts must stop either from injury or neurological fatigue after a certain period of training. Once one of these two issues occur, people are either recovering from their injury, which could be months, or they have to “take a few weeks off because they are just too tired”.

Once this wall is hit, their body is trying to play catch up in terms of recovery, because what they did in those classes was too hard on their body and nervous system. Everyone’s body needs lots of fuel to accomplish that recovery. All of the body fat you just lost on your last cycle of training is now going to pile back on at a rapid pace as you binge eat in order to fuel that recovery process.

We see people all the time that ride the emotional hype around high intensity classes. This then becomes a recycling process over and over throughout the year. This is the main reason we created this program. Intensity must be regulated for the physical adaptation you seek to occur. The body ONLY adapts at the speed of the nervous system, and our program respects this rule.

When the nervous system is over stressed from a hardcore workout it can take up to a week, depending on your level of fitness, for you to get the desired physical adaptation from that one single class you took last week. What most people are doing is taking a high intensity hardcore class every day or every other day because that’s what is preached in our fitness world.

Recovery is key because it allows you to complete the adaptation process. Once your brain and body have completed the adaptation process and you are back to homeostasis, your body is ready for the next challenge your throw at it. Your muscle mass has increased, hydration is complete, you have slept 8 hours, and you have eaten the correct number of calories to help you get through the day and make it through the next workout. Therefore, MAXIMIZE RECOVERY for MAXIMUM RESULTS. Find the Balance between exercise intensity and recovery from that intense workout and you will get the result you are looking for.

The best way to utilize our program is to follow the schedule for the recommended class that day. One day dedicated for recovery and one day dedicated to a full fat burning workout. Having a structured plan to follow is what will give you the best possible result, so if you attend a class on a Monday that is yoga based, you would want to attend a movement based class the following day. Continue this process throughout the program and watch your body begin to change.

After filling out your application here we can help you fine tune things you might need but you’re not yet aware of. After that we can get you in the next upcoming 12 week challenge and get you going on your journey to health and wellness.


What you get once starting this program

–       The True Motion Workout Journal to track eating habits, heart rates, and workouts

–       The True Motion Yoga Challenge Diet plan which is a simple and effective way of making decisions on what foods to eat.

–       Access to our amazing instructors for guidance via email support.

–       1 free Massage from our talented massage therapy staff

Yoga Recovery Classes

–       Hatha

–       Yin

–       Viniyoga

–       Gentle Yoga

 Dynamic Movement Classes

–       Club bell yoga

–       Legacy class

–       Joint Mobility and Balance

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