Smart Strength

This class is all about getting strong in a smart, sustainable way. This class is broken out into 5 sections that look like this:

  1. Mobility (5-8 min): This is designated time to warm the joints up and work on improving range of motion.
  2. Power/Skill Practice (10-12 min): During this section you’ll either be practicing lower resistance power development work like Medball Slams or Squat Jumps for example. The other option is that we teach you a new skill and that you’ll use in the strength portion.
  3. Strength Practice (20-30 min): This is the prime opportunity to focus on getting strong. You’ll be practicing harder resistance within a combination of the Push, Pull, Squat or Hip Hinge Patterns.
  4. Conditioning (10 min): Time to sweat and work harder with higher schemes. This is faster-paced work to get the heart pumping.
  5. Cool Down (5 min): Breathing, stretching to start the recovery process.
Circuit Training

This class is a time-based training session with specific work to rest intervals. It’s broken out to this:

  1. Mobility (10 min): This is designated time to warm the joints up and work on improving the range of motion.
  2. Movement Prep /Teach (10 min): Getting the tissues ready for the movements and prepping the body to take more resistance.
  3. Circuit (20-30 min): This will be a time-based training circuit using basic movements in the Push, Pull, Squat, Hip Hinge and Rotation patterns
  4. Cool Down (10 min): Stretching and Breathe work to start recovery.

Level-up your kettlebell skills with progressions to use the kettlebell safe and effective. The class will teach the fundamental skills in the Turkish Get-up, Swing, Goblet Squat and more!

It’s set up similar to a Smart Strength format with an emphasis on solely using kettlebells.

Flow Fit

Bodyweight training galore, move your body the way it was designed and sweat in the process. Cesar Sanchez is your man to teach you how to flow through movements to leave you feeling worked.

This is a time-based training session similar to a Circuit Training format with an emphasis on using solely bodyweight and heart rate training.

Bodyweight Blast

Bodyweight boils down to you and your strength versus the weight of your body and gravity. Bodyweight focuses on basic strength movements such as push-ups (a perfect one arm push up is the goal), tactical pull-ups, hanging leg raise, front lever, wall assisted handstand push-ups and pistols to achieve muscle hypertrophy. You can use your body weight to achieve a powerlifting quality strength practice session any time, anyplace and anywhere.

When you master your own bodyweight you develop the skill of strength. We will work with each student as a group and focus on their individual capabilities while utilizing the progressions and regressions of each exercise. In bodyweight training, you will learn how to use a high-tension and relaxation method to perform the exercises which will carry over into all your strength practices.