Terry participated in athletics all of his life, which eventually led to him joining the marines right out of high school. During his time in the marines, he was tested by some of the most challenging forms of physical and mental training the military has to offer. After completing this training, he had become even more interested in how the human body and the brain react to training.

After his experience in the marines, he went on to become a personal trainer. After years of personal training, he knew there was more to the science of physical training through the lens of the nervous system, which led him to begin his training with Z-Health Performance Solutions. Through this highly researched brain based training system, Terry has been able to help his clients get out of pain, quickly increase their strength and improve their athletic performance by approaching the three key systems that constantly feed into the brain. These three key systems are the proprioceptive (body), visual and vestibular systems. When all three of these systems are assessed and trained individually and in the beginning of training of a new client, amazing results follow suit.

Terry knows that pain relief, correction of the visual system, and small joint movements are key in breaking through the barriers that previously held his clients back. Once these systems are corrected, moving in the world becomes a lot easier, which will lead to faster results. Whether you are trying to lose body fat, gain muscle, finally get rid of that low back pain or instantly get that extra strength you been looking for, Terry’s neurological approach can get you there with this new groundbreaking information coming from all over the world.


BS in Business Marketing – University of Phoenix


Z-Health Performance Solutions

R – Phase: Joint Re-education, restoration, rehabilitation

I – Phase: Integration of the visual, vestibular and proprioceptive systems

S – Phase: Sport, skill, and strategy for performance

T- Phase: Therapy, threat training

9s Structure: Neural exam, neural pathways, cerebellar function, brain stem assessment

Other certifications

NASM, CPT, PES, PTA global Bridging course, Paul Chek Golf Biomechanics, Adult CPR, AED certified

Specific skills

  • Pain Relief Visual training for Sport
  • Body fat reduction
  • Advanced movement enhancement
  • Muscle Hypertrophy
  • Visual Acuity training