Cesar Sanchez became motivated to start his career in the fitness industry as a result of working towards improving his own health. In learning how to address his own obesity and structural deficiencies, both of which brought him significant muscular pain and health problems, Cesar developed the knowledge, experience, and understanding necessary to become a personal trainer. As his career progressed, Cesar’s passion for understanding the foundations of true wellness led him to studying and learning different functional movement and holistic practices with the purpose of cultivating health and biomechanical integration.

Cesar’s approach towards health and training is based on educating and teaching clients. By focusing on nutrition, proper breathing, and myofascial release, Cesar assists clients in stress and pain management to address environmental factors and bring their physical structure back to balance. In his approach to physical training, Cesar employs a variety of integrated dynamic movement patterns using tools such as kettlebells, clubbells, medicine balls, and bodyweight exercises. Cesar’s method of training prepares the human body to move in multiple planes of motion, fulfill the demands of real life situations, and help his clients feel great about themselves as they get into the best shape of their lives.